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I’m a Sucker For Everything About This Jonas Brothers Dance Cardio Workout

The Jonas Brothers — in all their different permutations — have been on our playlists for a long time. One thing we didn’t know we needed? A Zumba-inspired dance cardio workout featuring songs from all of those groups: the original three-brothers lineup, Nick Jonas‘s solo songs, and Joe Jonas‘s band, DNCE. Here to give it to us is YouTuber, Zumba instructor, and longtime Jonas Brothers fan Kelsey Smith, who brought together eight catchy tracks in a workout designed to get you sweaty, toned, and belting out every lyric.

Smith’s playlist includes “Dance” by DNCE, “What a Man Gotta Do” by the Jonas Brothers, and “Levels” by Links”>Nick Jonas, and she keeps you sweating through it all with a combination of dance moves and bodyweight exercises like lunges, punches, and high-knee shuffles. The video includes a warm-up, cooldown, and stretches, so you cover all your bases just by hitting play. Check out the full video above to get sweating, and if you want more, queue up this Disney HIIT workout next!

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